About Us

The Pearl of Contentment Retreat is owned and operated by a team of Pearls. Belinda and her two Boys Teyden and Jaslar have worked hard to build the dream and make it happen, supporting each other on the journey.

The 3 pearls will be your hosts for your time at the Retreat and they all work together to deliver most services in the Retreat. Such as Check in’s, Check outs, Massage, Training, Home cooking, Yoga, Meditation, the Farm maintenance, Feeding the chickens, Orchard and Veggie patch care, Cleaning, Cooking, Creating,  Preparation, Taking bookings, Greeting you, Carrying your bags, Fulfilling your needs and Delivering services.

Enjoy all our services including a full range of Accommodation, Courses, Personalized Workshops, Yoga, Dance, Massage, Raiki, Life Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Counselling, Business Mentoring, Meditation, Obstacle Camps, Beauty Services, Kinesiology, Natropathy, Personal Training and a delicious range of quality Vegetarian foods, everything in the Retreat is all made from its beginning, including breads, jams, yogurts, teas, ice-creams, desserts & shampoos with love & creativity. All original recipes made with quality ingredients & using home grown organic produce where possible. All dietary requirements are delightfully welcomed & catered for.

The Retreat is set on 50 acres of beautiful Australian tropical bush, orchards of over 70 different fruit varieties, chickens and fresh eggs, huge organic veggie patches, massive array of herb gardens, wildlife galore, farm animals, basic gymnasium, library and games room to enjoy.

Situated locally in the Canungra township, near all facilities & attractions the Gold Coast Australia has to offer. 15 from Nerang, 25 minutes from Dreamworld and 50 minutes from Brisbane and Coolangatta airport. Yet cutely tucked away in peace and quiet with a beautiful large Queenslander on offer. The Retreat it self is a large 3 living area full size private Guest house.

The retreat is built on being true to the Pearls, delivering the Retreat in a manner that is true to the Pearl’s nature and complementing their strengths and true calling. Every tea cup, every plate, every plant was bought together sharing the experience. Belinda and her boys have such a strong, supportive, caring bond, they have worked beautifully together to build every facet of the Retreat. This can be felt throughout your stay! This attracts a wonderful welcoming place and an energy that is felt the minute you set foot on the property. The Pearls welcome you!

The professional side of the Pearls



CEO, overall Manager, Yoga, Meditation, Trainer, Course & Workshop Creator, Author


About the founder Belinda Pearl, She has experience and qualifications in every facet of the Retreat and has built her experience for the Retreat over the last 24 years. • Training inspiration for the last 21 years • 24 years’ experience in Business • Experienced 12 years Business consultant and Mentor • Psychology & Counselling 15 years • Mental illness & Abnormal psychology • Life coaching • Wellness coaching • Spiritual coaching • Massage therapies • Yoga teacher • Beauty therapist • Kinesiologist • Experienced with special needs and disabilities • Experienced Dance teacher, Yoga & Meditation • Owned and operated a fine dining Restaurant, Theatre Restaurant & Wedding reception • Outreach Marketing • Personal development & Motivation • Body language & communication specialist • Published Author- since 2010 • Sell books in books store e.g. Collins books, Amazon, on-line etc. • Have owned and operated Business Centre & Training Centre • Owned and operated Beauty and massage spa centres • 12 years owning and operating Australian Active Aim traveling Australia and the world training Personal Development, Inspiration, Communication & Business • Most of all she is human, not afraid to show that, she lives a Healthy, Positive and Productive Life- utilizing all tools and strategies she puts forward to her students. Sharing her own personal challenges and triumphs. I want to inspire the world, help others find and build the change they desire and create a welcoming loving stimulating environment like no other. I train with a down to earth approach with entertainment, games , prizes and comedy kicked in to enjoy learning.


Teyden- Massage Therapist & Tour guide/Hiking guide


Jaslar- Operations Manager & Hospitality