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The Beautiful Brain

An easy to read workbook with an abundance of information to get all that is in your brain on paper. This book is an amazing tool, a way to collaborate all your thoughts in one place. It inspires you to see how far you have come and where you want to be– it is a very powerful way for you to be honest and kind to self. Belinda Pearl has been using this tool personally and professionally for the last 20 years with profound results. Belinda runs programs available linked to this book.


The Beautiful Brain


Dreams, Determination & The Awesomest spaceship!


wrist goals


It just clicked!


Relaxation & Redirectional CD’s

A range of Quality constructed CD’s for Relaxation and redirection purposes, to help you with changing habits and building positive action in different

$29.90 each                                                        
$100 for 8                                                  
$115 for the full set (5 in the set)

Delivery for the books and CD’s are available

Email pearlofcontentment@gmail.com for online orders

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Make-up & Nail care A full range of TUYA professional make-up & nail care made with quality natural ingredients that is compatible with our skin and good natural heath.

Aromatherapy oils A full range of TUYA aromatherapy oils pure and beautiful quality sourced of the most virgin ingredients.

TUYA color cosmetics is owned by Juanita Vella, a world-renowned make-up artist & owner of a beauty school in Melbourne & most importantly the mother of Belinda Pearl. In which Belinda has helped to played a big part in creating products.

Tuya Cosmetics

Colour Cosmetics

Nail & Colour Care

Essential Oils

Hand Sanitizers & Gel

Pearl of Contentment Homemades