A large diverse range of Retreats Personalising & Catering for all Budgets, Ages & Needs. From Full Private Retreats, $297 Budget Retreat, Kids, Men, Detox, corporate & Groups, Business & So much more…

Personalised retreat

We absolutely specialise in personalised private retreats, helping you through tough times in life or a real need for relaxation, detox, or stress management.

We create intense personalised packages to suit you, your needs, and your budget. You will not find anything more profound for a personalised experience that this one.

With the advanced knowledge in wellness, mental health, mindfulness, fitness, stress management, nutrition and more, all at hand to assist you on your journey.

Mindfulness and wellness retreat

This $590 retreat is the greatest value retreat with a weekend packed full of pampering services and spoiling activities, nothing needs to be added.

It includes a massage and a facial, accommodation, meals, yoga etc.

A Moment of Healing Retreat

Everyone can afford a retreat at Pearl of Contentment retreat – this retreat was designed for all!

It is a short retreat that everyone can afford the time and the financial investment, there is unlimited payment plan options.

It has everything included in it, massage, meals, yoga, workshops, meditation and so much more.

Corporate retreat

We personalise each group to their Organisational & Individual Needs.

Staff bonding, reward & stress management systems, Trauma groups, Disengages groups,, Training & Networking events
Girls night away– birthdays, wedding showers, anniversaries and more.

Wellness – Mindfulness – Stress Management – Team building – Dealing with Life’s Challenges – Advanced Pampering

Mens Retreat

A retreat for all men that can feel relaxed and comfortable in nature with like minded people.

There is absolutely no pressure to participate in any activity, honouring your choice and journey.

A place where you can learn about stress management, fine yourself in nature and give you the strategies and answers for the challenges that you are looking at solutions for.

YOUR Intuitive Retreat

This is the ultimate retreat program with a 6 month period of support, intensively all inclusive with a retreat, multiple workshops, multiple coaching sessions, a cd, a book and so many other tools.

Really wholistic and package full of longevity.

Supporting Practitioners

Belinda Pearl is deeply passionately about helping as many people as she possible can while she is on this earth. She feels she is extremely blessed to have the opportunity to own her own Retreat venue, she feels it is only right the share her venue with other likeminded soul to help more people.

Belinda is thrilled to be in a position to help others to build their business, strengthen their ability to really help more souls. She has a range of service to assist businesses that inspire, heal and help others. 

Pearl of contentment Retreat offers venue hire for you to run your own retreat in a way that honours your craft and calling, specialising in meals that suit your needs, treatments and services you require such as massage or yoga for your guests. We learn of your message and support you in delivering it.

Belinda also runs business retreats to help you thrive in all facets of your business, also to experience  what your guests will experience and help you with creating and planning you retreat.

Detox Retreat

Your needing a reboot in life in some way… from weight loss, stress management, detox from your world, your bad habits, from technology and fast food.

This retreat is a hard re-training the brain and habits kind of retreat in a calm, cosy and welcoming retreat to help you detox you from all chosen habits in a beautiful homely environment!

This retreat is Personalised to your own detox needs and journey, it can include exercise programs, dietary requirements, meditative and workshop programs, structured meals, supplements and activities.

Kids retreat

This program is for the families to come together and learn stress management, wellness, mindfulness and relaxation together. Focusing on the children’s personal challenges, could include confidence, anger management, school challenges and behaviours, anxiety and depression.

We include all family members participating and catering for the age appropriate activities. These programs are not with large volumes of participants, so all the family at different levels can benefit and learn from it.

This program is designed to continue to help you in your home environment where you all can build positive habits at home with what you have learnt at the Retreat.

Whole house hire

When the retreats are not in operation you are welcome to hire the whole retreat out for your own private function, up to 11 guests with the whole use of the retreat.

You could hire it out for a wedding in the area, a group of girlfriends, a family get away or for a private traveling holiday. You are welcome to use the full cooking facilities or order meals and services.

Bed and breakfast

When retreats are not in operation you have the opportunity to book the retreat as a bed and breakfast room, a cosy room with a view and a beautiful homemade breakfast including hot home cooked bread.

You are welcome to book a service or two with your stay such as a massage or a private yoga or coaching session.